What Are Biohazard Transport Bags?

Posted by anna on April 18, 2022

If you have to handle specimens that are potentially hazardous, you may need to purchase a biohazard transport bag. These bags are made of polyethylene and feature a three-wall, double pocket design and a document compartment to keep the specimens dry. They are also available in a variety of sizes and can be custom-printed. The LPS Industries biohazard specimen bag has been designed to meet OSHA guidelines.

Medical facilities use biohazard bags daily. These bags contain specimens, waste, and paperwork and come with pre-printed symbols to help users know what they're carrying. The biohazard transport bag is used to securely store specimens and paperwork to be sent to diagnostic labs. A biohazard transport bag also helps healthcare facilities safely transport dangerous chemicals, such as chemotherapy drugs. It is also easier to label these bags and most come with transparent pouches for easy identification.

Therapak Amber Zip Style Bags are made from 3 mil polyethylene film, which protects light-sensitive materials from ultraviolet damage. They are available in six convenient sizes. Those needing to transport six standard tubes can choose the TearTech Tube Shuttle. The TearTech Tube Shuttle has a release liner that can be removed and placed inside a biohazard transport bag. They are available in standard 6 x 9 sizes and include a paperwork pouch.

A biohazard transport bag is a great way to securely and safely transport diagnostic materials. These bags are available in various sizes and are ideal for a variety of materials. They are often used for organs and swabs, but can also be used to transport medical waste. Clinics, doctors' offices, and other facilities use biohazard transport bags to protect their facilities from the hazards that they face on a daily basis.

Red bags must never be collected or disposed of by municipal waste collectors. Only licensed medical waste contractors may collect filled red bags. A red biohazard bag is required for the safe transport of infectious waste. The red color is used to distinguish it from regular garbage. Mixing infectious waste with regular garbage can waste money and harm the environment. So, when disposing of infectious waste, always use biohazard bags. If your lab or hospital is dealing with a traumatic event, you must make sure you get rid of the blood properly.

The 95kPa Specimen Transport Bag

The 95kPa specimen transport bag is a multilayer polyethylene bag with individual pockets for 15 mL urine or 10 mL blood. These bags meet or exceed all applicable IATA regulations and are FDA-approved for transporting infectious and hazardous materials. They are also marked with the biohazard symbol and come with detailed closure instructions. These specimen bags are ideal for preventing contamination and damage to diagnostic and clinical specimens during transport.

95kpa specimen transport bag

Therapak's 95kPa specimen transport bag is ideal for use as a secondary watertight receptacle when shipping specimens. The bag features a patented seal that prevents leaks. The front pocket can be used to seal specimen tubes and materials, and the back pocket can be used to store a requisition form. These bags are available in seven and eleven-inch sizes, and can accommodate specimen tubes up to 9.5-mm in diameter.

The hydrostatically-tested 95kPa specimen transport bag is perfect for blood and urine samples. It meets all pressure requirements set by the 49 CFR, IATA, and ICAO regulations. Non-pressure tested inners must be pressed before transport. In order to comply with all safety requirements, it is a must to purchase a 95kPa specimen transport bag. There are several other benefits to buying a 95kPa specimen transport bag.

The Therapak's 2-8degC Specimen Shipping System features self-cooling technology built into the lid. The temperature of the specimen is maintained within the 2 to eight-degree C range for 48 hours without refrigeration. The system's evaporative cooling technology is seven times more powerful than gel packs. It also adjusts to changes in ambient temperature. The bag is also labeled to meet IATA PI650 requirements.

Specimen Bags With Pouch

Specimen bags with pouch are designed to contain the sample material that is used in laboratory testing. The specimens may include bodily fluids or other sample material. They are also used to store documentation, such as test requisition forms, bio-hazard signs, and special handling instructions. Specimen bags are made with a permanent adhesive tape to prevent tampering. Lifting the bag's lip destroys the specimen, so the seal can't be reapplied. There are several types of specimen bags, including 1 and 3-pocket varieties.

The most popular type of specimen bag is a 6" x 9" polyethylene with an adhesive release liner. This type of bag secures specimen containers and also has a secondary pouch for the requisition. The specimen bags are tamper-evident, leak-proof, and contain an absorbing pad inside. These bags can be used for both laboratory and clinical testing. While specimen bags with pouch are designed for laboratory use, there are some differences.

These bags are available in a wide range of materials and colors, and can be custom-printed with biohazard symbols. Some of them are waterproof and tide-proof, while others are non-toxic and felt-soft for comfort and convenience. These biohazard specimen lab bags are made with a warning for the workers that they contain potentially hazardous waste. They are also available in a variety of closures and biohazard warnings.

It is important to protect specimen paperwork. Specimen paperwork should be separate from the primary specimen. Many specimen bags feature pouch pockets for documents. It's also vital to label specimens with bio-hazard stickers so that they can be properly stored. If a specimen accidentally spills, laboratory personnel can take immediate action to contain the spill and maintain the integrity of the sample. So, while these tips don't need to be followed strictly, they are worth following.

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